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Jobs – Where Art Thou?

Places You Need to Search to Make Your Job Search Easier

After you reach the age of 18 or after you graduate from college or high school, you might prioritize job searching over everything. And when you do, it is essential that you know what job you want to get and where to find them.

Fortunately, the United States is a land of never-ending opportunity. Despite the numerous recessions that plagued the economy, jobs are always available to the masses.

However, why do most people say that they cannot find jobs? The answer to that question is simple: they are not looking in the right places. Or it is possible that they are not really trying hard to look for one.

But of course, be reminded that even if there is an abundance of jobs available in the country, not all of them will be suited for you. Also, competition will be fierce. Even if you are right for the job, there will be always someone better than you that might steal the position that you are applying for. Nevertheless, take note that the less picky you are, the more options you will have. And the more skills you have, the more variety of jobs you can choose from.

Traditionally, most people perform their job search in newspaper and magazine ads. Looking for decent ads through these media sources is effective. In case you are looking for jobs within the city you are living in, reading ads on your local newspaper is the best way to find one. On the other hand, if you are looking for academic or white-collar jobs, looking for ads in national papers such as the Washington Post or the New York Times is a better choice.

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On the other hand, if you do not find buying newspapers or magazines practical, another source of job search listings is the internet. Luckily, most employers nowadays place their ads on job listing websites such as careers.org, jobcenter. com, and careerbuilder. com. Most of the jobs listed there are typical 8-5 jobs.

Alternatively, if you are looking for some odd jobs, jobs that require specialized skills, or home-based jobs, you might want to look in ad listing sites such as craiglist. com or register at odesk. com.

In case you want to reduce the amount of time that you will need to spend visiting multiple companies to walk in and apply, then take advantage of a job or career fair. You can file a job application on the spot. If the recruiter thinks that you are eligible for the position, you will know right away – no need to wait for a phone call that may never happen. Also, if you fail, you can just walk to the next booth and apply.

By the way, it has become more common that some employers in a fair will schedule you for further examination in case you pass their initial interviews and tests. If that happens to you, continue on applying on other booths. In short, make the most out of a job fair. It does not happen every day, you know.

If you think that you are not prepared for a job and you doubt that you will never pass any job interview or test, then it is a good option to get help from the government through a state employment service center. Aside from providing you a list of available jobs near your area, they will also help you in determining which ones will suit your personality and skills.

Also, they provide training and free counseling for those who want it. However, be advised that most of the jobs they have are for semi-skilled or unskilled workers. To be precise, the center will mostly offer blue collar jobs. If you have a degree and you believe that you deserve a better job that can pay off your mortgage, it will be best to treat this as one of your last resort.

Another popular job search option is to get hired through headhunters or recruiting firms. Headhunters have become essential to the United States’ employment scene. As of now, almost seven out of ten Americans are employed through their help.

However, this option is like a double-edged blade. There are some recruitment agencies that require job seekers to pay a certain amount of cash before they can be included in their rosters. Some agencies, on the other hand, take the fee after the job seeker was employed. Unfortunately, not all recruitment agencies are trustworthy. Some of them focus on getting fees instead of looking for a job for the applicants – while some charge too much from their job seekers.

Another alternative is to check on employment agencies. If you are truly desperate for a job and all the companies that you have visited rejected you, then employment agencies can help you get by.

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Employment agencies hire people as their employee. However, instead of making their employees work for the company, the agencies let other companies rent their workers. It might sound good, but the catch is that agencies take a cut from their workers’ salaries. Expect that they will deduct 10% to 20% of your pay. Also, expect that your jobs will be mostly temporary. Only look for jobs here in case you badly need to have one.

Top 7 tips on how to find a job quickly

Sometimes it happens that you remain without permanent income due to circumstances. So how do you find a job for the meek period of time. Definite solution to this issue does not exist, because each output of this situation looking in their own way. I'll tell you from personal experience how you can quickly find a job.

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