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Monday, 12 October 2015 00:30

Three Thousand Dollars For The Job At McDonalds?

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The Job At McDonalds The Job At McDonalds

Millions of students have worked up to it, and no one was indignant. While not get cut diamond: a student from Argentina publicly announced draconian orders within the world of the franchise (the boy got a job at McDonald's in Pennsylvania). 27-year-old Jorge Rios (Jorge Rios), who arrived in the US in December

2012 in the framework of the program "Work and Travel" (work-travel program) on a student visa J-1 discovered that the game is not worth the candle. Having paid three thousand dollars for the cost of visas, air tickets, the intermediary agency, etc., poor fellow found that earnings are not enough to even for life. Then Jorge went out and bragged about the world, «McDonald exploitation».

It appeared that the shark world the catering business - McDonald's - not really pampers its employees. "We expected that there will be 40 hours a week, but we were given only four hours a week at the minimum wage of $ 7.25 an hour," - said the Argentinian in their petition. - "The employer knew that we desperately need in high quantities hours, so we kept in reserve on-call notification to 30 minutes throughout the day and night. I did not even have time to visit the public library."

Rios also said that he and other foreign workers were paid $ 300 a month the owner of the franchise McDonald, to sleep in the children's bunk bed in the basement of the house, which belonged to him.

"Eight of us lived in a basement. We slept on bunk beds, made for children. We did not have any privacy," - he said.

The Department of State (State Department) immediately refused from the scandal, adding that does not charge fees to those wishing to come to the US on a visa work & travel. However, private companies are quietly grabbing coin to help students come to America for seasonal work, as in this case.

Rios, a student at the Argentine National University of Misiones ( the National University of Misiones, or the Universidad Nacional de Misiones, in Posadas, Argentina), came last year in the Southern Hemisphere. He also complained to the State Department for a private company, which prepares documents for seasonal work in the States.

Last summer, the US earnings 73 808 people who participated in the summer program, work & travel, which aims "to provide the American cultural experience for international students" (cultural experience to foreign students).

During the winter break came to America 8215 program participants, such as Rios. But that Rios and 14 other students, workers staged a protest at McDonald's in Pennsylvania and plan a protest in New York City.

Don Thompson, president of McDonald's Corporation and its CEO, nevertheless signed an agreement with NATO to ensure a "core labor standards" for migrant workers. Students also demanded that the program provided them with housing at fair market price.

 student Job At McDonalds

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