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Friday, 27 July 2018 01:13

Jobs for Teenagers at H-E-B

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Jobs for Teenagers at H-E-B - find employment Jobs for Teenagers at H-E-B - find employment

 Tips and Advice About Jobs for Teenagers at H-E-B

A lot of young people, who would like to get some salary asked about jobs for the teen at 16 and older. Most requested information, usually about summer jobs for the teen at 15, 16, because of that time as you know teenagers free of schools and colleges and can work for any company similar Macdonalds, HEB, Walmart, EST. Some of them need to apply for jobs at HEB.

To be hired at HEB, teenagers have to know about supermarkets and grocery store chains job rules and regulations. For example, HEB Company, which is based mostly in Texas state, and famous as a one of the greatest retailer chain in the USA, can hire teens not only for seasonal but and for full-time jobs. Lots of job positions for teens available at HEB and young people may apply for H.E.B. job.

Teens Job at HEB

Available Teen Job Positions at HEB 

Teens, who would like to be hired at HEB, can apply for job position below. Just remember, you have to follow about company rules, that you need to fill h.e.b application form and after successful job interview get the position, you wish to work: 

Food Service

This kind of job position responsibility – observations of a supermarket store and labels, slices, rotate and packages products. Also attentively and properly maintains and handles the management and operation of store equipment. 

Food Preparations

Customer requests have two packages of serving products. Must educate and help the store customers to prepare and explain in instructions, how to cook that product and foods. Average job description this is slices, chops, cuts and dices food and dishes for chef supermarket. 


Operate and handle transactions and take payouts and orders of the guests. Have to labels of sliced and packaged products. Attentively keep and watch prices, weighs and selection of packages.


Have to assist in the kitchen and technical areas at chef request and when needed. Regularly bake fried and grill foods, and another assistance with the products in the areas.

Showtime Representative:

In the supermarket, areas demonstrate and make a presentation for product promotion, sale and make nice explanations and informing shoppers and costumers about store daily deals and discounts of the day. Show product characteristics and item location, socialize with customers. Help main merchandisers with product promotion and learn from department managers their experience and help them for display of foods and products and monitoring working areas.

How to Apply for HEB Job?

If you are a teenager and wish to work at HEB, you have to be at least 16 years old, and be ready for job interview questions. (That's, why we recommend you lookout job interview tips for H-E-B. If you are ready and eager to work at HEB Company, just find job positions you need and fill HEB job application and go ahead. Another way to get HEB job position – go to the nearest HEB supermarket store close to you, and ask the supervisor about available positions for teens there are.

Job for teens at HEB

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  • Comment Link Fulberto Friday, 10 August 2018 01:42 posted by Fulberto

    Hi, I am 16 years old from Texas. Can I apply for the job at HEB for the full-time job? If YES - what job positions for teenagers HEB company could introduce for this matter for me?

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