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Home Depot Careers

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Home Depot Careers Home Depot Careers

Home Depot is nestled in Atlanta, state of Georgia and manages with the largest retail chain in the world, where operate more than 2100 locations. This retailer chain mostly presents and sells home improvement goods.

Advice and Tips about Home Depot Careers and Employment

Employ Age to be hired at Home Depot starts from 18 years old. But for some job position, as cashiers and lot attendants available to work from 16 years old.

Working hours at Home Depot from 6.00 am -to 10. pm Monday-Saturday, and 8.00 am to 8.00 pm on Sunday.

If you are ready to apply for Home Depot careers, there are the available variety of job positions:

Sales Associate, Cashier, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Office Associate, Installation Sales Associate, General Warehouse Associate, Transportation Coordinator, Freight Team Member, Inventory Control Associate, Installation Service Associate,

General Maintenance Associate Customer Service Coordinator, Customer Care Supervisor, Customer Service Representative, Paint Sales Associate, Home Décor Collections, After Hours Truck Unloading Associate, Administrative Assistant, Stock Associate, Lot Associate,

As we do not have the available printable home depot application, just see open job position and apply for employment in Home Depot here, or from an available official website.

Departments of company, where available Home Depot job positions 

Retail Jobs

Good opportunity for those of you who have an even minimum knowledge and ability to operate variation of skills to work with some products. Also, will be good if the person, applying for Home Depot retail job have an interest in specific employment and service. Of course, for candidates which will be approved company prepared training class and courses to get a job position at Home Depot. It means you can grow and make employment and career at Company.

Merchandising Jobs Position

It is doesn't matter for workers – you are planning collaboration software for the fast operation with business process, or find another way for the successful job for the company. For Home Depot supervisors main goal it results from the Merchandising department – workers have the attitude to be leader team and also to bring a good income and profit for the Company. We are helping the employs, who trying to make careers here and grow up with knowledge and experience step by step

Supply Chain Careers

As your decision going to be start career at Supply Chain department, you can reap the benefits of additional training and self-improvement for the chosen job position. As a team member for you very important opportunities for working conditions, careers professional advancement and the possibility the growth, pretending for the level of Home Depot skilled employ.

Company Services Jobs

Here is the wide capability to get employment for contact and socialize with people, customers of Home Depot services. Try yourself in the Contact Center Associate, if you fill yourself to be powerful Sales manager4, Supervisor. At this line of job positions also available Store Promoter and Promotional Marketing job. All of this operation will help to grow with our variety of Home Services institution 

Contact Centers Job

The Employment as a Contact Center associates will good for workers, who have ability and interest for nice explanations of any problem and occasions with the company customers. Conversations via phone and chat with a good solved customers questions. It means workers of contact center have to be dealing with the problem. An important part of Job at Contact Center associates – has the possibility and promote The Home Depot Learning Center. This way will bring step by step for supervisors and management careers at Home Depot

From Army to Civilian Jobs

We know that is military people from the US Army have great skills. But for the Home Depot Careers, it does not always match with our job positions. But now, Company has a great search service of civilian job positions, which is in common with skills and abilities for military people, would like to find civilian employment at Home Depot

Corporate Jobs

The main Goal of The Home Depot Company – it is co-operating with their workers a long time. If you join the company from average job position, for you the unlimited opportunity and chance to grow for your Home Depot careers, because everything works for that – courses, learning classes to improve you and your job position. The company needs people, who will work long years, and be loyal. Variety of samples, employs, who start from cleaners and cashiers, in a few time became Supervisors and managers at the Company. We have a lot of corporate programs to help and promote our workers with the Advisory management, Assurance, and IT department. Make the job and life of our workers easier, comfortable and successful.

Technology Job

High Technology and IT innovation is the key of the Company to be on the top of US retailers. Modern sort of business it is automation, computerizing and other new technology to help be on the front of the business and bring a great profit. If you are an able, skilled and talented workers in common with that positions – Home Depot will care about your careers and your move to ladder for success.

Here is some specific information for those of you, who plan to start your careers in this one of the best retailer company.

What Job position you can find at Home Depot

For you not required to start to have quality and skills when you apply for home depot jobs. The company regularly hire new workers for general job positions, because of people from time to time change mind and their jobs and companies. Thus, we need workers, who have attitude, motivation and proper job skills – company with pleasure hire these employs. From beginner, moving up to top management – no limits.

Workers job description as well include care about customers demands and needs, loading retail goods, keep working place and areas in a good condition. Additionally, workers have some extra earns if they agree for extra works, duties and take care of additional responsibilities. It means to apply for that, workers will have over time and payment for it.

If you are applying as a Manager

Store master and provision manager responsibility as a rule demanding extra retail business bits of knowledge and experience. If you are applying for job position Supervisor - you should be able to operate at least average daily services understanding, realize and manage the jobs of other team members. Besides, numbers of successful sales in the previous positions have to be proven and qualify as well.

Job Positions for Home Depot and Salary Range

Applying for job positions in the company, workers must have a GED or high school diploma. Although applicants could have great bits of knowledge and skills in the retail business, it will be plus and bonus to be hired. But mainstream to apply for Home Depot job positions is generally complete class and training for pretended career positions. Most demanded job s see below:


  • Average salary about $10.00 per hour;
  • Ability and responsible handle sales transaction in the area;
  • Part-time working time style;
  • The job as Cashier includes friendly and qualified service for customers.

Sales Associate

  • Employees should be in touch with the customers and help them with any merchandise, answer questions and solve the sales problem;
  • Sales associates job position salary up to $11.00 an hour with working part-time;
  • Workers have to be friendly, professional with the great level of patience;
  • Employees in a working hour always have to be fast and able to do job description tasks with the good quality.

Store Manager

  • Manage and take care of stock and financial operation in the storage areas;
  • Pay attention to the whole sales team, supervise them and organize the perfect customer service;
  • Store Manager should be able to manage job schedules, coordinate department tasks and operate company policies;
  • As a rule, full-time works and ordinary salary under $95K per year. 

Tool Rental Technician

  • Main job responsibility of Tool Rental Technician is to take care and keep in good and working condition given tools;
  • Good experience in this job position, welcomed the previous job at the same position, but not demands – full training will help with it;
  • Average Tool rental technician payroll – up to $15.00 hourly.

Tips and Advice for Career

Applicants who find the job at Home Depot can fill out an employment application online, or in the company office. Best way to get the job – it is applied through this site. Do not forget describe all your working experience and education, bring diploma and other documents. To speed up the employment process keep in touch contact with the hire manager and clarify your phone numbers to ask employment manager apply for job and contact you.

Job Application Status 

When you will fill out an online job application, make sure, do not loose verification email from the company. In a few days, you will get the answer from the employment manager and you will be invited to the interview, or right away answer about your job position you find.

Benefits of Jobs at Home Depot 

When you successfully hired, you will have access to the next bonuses:

  • A form of 401 k (plans for retirement);
  • saving accounts for health and loans;
  • workers store purchase account plans;
  • medical, vision and dental employ company plans;

Payments, benefits and extra payrolls for holidays, personal days and vacations. Variety of other promotions available for skilled and qualified workers, since they start to work and become team members of the Home Depot.

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